TCG Spotlight

TCG Spotlight

Todays Christian Girls in Alaska

Let me introduce you to Brianna (14) and Kassidy (13) Schrack.  They live in Anchorage, Alaska where their parents, Brad and Kaylynn Schrack pastor. Their lives are a bit different than what most girls on the Mainland U.S.  Let’s get to know them:

TCG: What are some of your favorite things about Alaska?

Kassidy: I love all the wildlife that we have here. We have moose, eagles, bears, mountain sheep, whales, wolves, and fox. We get to see them often! There is lots of stuff to explore and see here.

Brianna:  I like that, in the summer, it stays light until 1 or 2 am in the morning.  It really never gets dark at night, but it will turn to dusk.  Getting used to it is difficult at first, but after a while you don’t even notice it. 

TCG: I understand that in the winter the sun doesn’t make much of an appearance?

Brianna: In the winter time, we won’t see much of the sun.  It will come up around 10 am and go back down by 3:30 pm.

When it’s constantly dark and cold outside, it makes you want to sleep all the time.

Some people use Happy Lights help with S.A. D. (Seasonal affective disorder) because many people are affected by depression during those winter months.  The Happy Lights help to simulate sunlight in your house.

In the summer time, the sun will come up around 4 am and partially set at midnight – but it will look like dusk.  That’s my favorite time of the year.

TCG: I cannot imagine experiencing that!  Have you ever attended an Iditarod race?

Brianna: I attended one last year.  It was so exciting.  The dogs looked really excited and they were super cute.  This year the race had to be moved up north to Fairbanks because we didn’t have enough snow in Anchorage.

TCG: How cold will it get in the winter time for you?

Brianna: It can get anywhere between 20 and 40 below here

Kassidy: We can up to 140 inches of snow.

TCG:  Oh, Brrrrrr….!  What is one item of clothing that is a “must” to keep warm. Kassidy: Maxi skirt

Brianna: boots -- they’re fashionable and warm!

TCG: Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Tell me about them.  Are they for real?

Kassidy: Definitely.  They are gorgeous and dance across the sky.  It’s like watching ribbons of light dancing.  We get to see them every year, mostly in our winter months.

TCG: Oh, I would LOVE to see them.  Do you have a favorite winter sport?

Brianna/Kassidy: Yes – sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. 

Kassidy: Oh, and baking. 

TCG: What area of ministry do you enjoy being a part of in the church?

Kassidy: I love getting to be involved in music leadership.  I am learning how to lead in praise singing and want to learn how to play the piano.

Brianna: I like getting to be involved in the singing.  We also have a signing team that I am over.  I love that type of ministry as well as the Drama team.

TCG: What is it like to be a pastor’s daughter in Alaska?

Brianna: When you know you are called, it is exciting to begin to see your ministry unfold.  I have really enjoyed getting an up close look at ministry and getting involved in different areas. I am excited about our new building we just rented.  I got to help paint the sanctuary, paint the trim, and clean it up. It is exciting knowing we are preparing it for new souls, I am so excited to see what God will do in our church and in the city of Anchorage!

Kassidy: I love having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  I like sharing hugs with those who need them. I feel happy that I got to help get our new church building ready.  I painted and cleaned, and now we have a new baptismal tank.  It is so awesome just knowing there are going to be many, many people baptized in that tank!  I love praying with people.  I can talk to anyone about God.  Our mission trips and being a Pastor’s daughter has helped me to develop that.

Kassidy: One thing that happened to me that impacted my life the most was while we were living in Hoonah, AK, a very small town (800 people). I had a reading teacher named Natalia.  One day I drew her a picture and told her she was a good teacher.  Well, my family found out later that that picture saved her life. She was going to commit suicide, but because of that picture she didn't.  Later she came to church, and got the Holy Ghost!  I am looking forward to what God will use me to do here in Anchorage!

TCG: That is beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.  Now, I understand that the young people of Alaska have the opportunity through Ladies Ministries to be involved in Missions Trips each summer here in Alaska, traveling to outlying villages and communities to be a blessing to the works there. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Brianna/Kassidy: We both got to go on Mission trips to Ketchikan and the Kenai Peninsula.  For the Ketchikan trip, we left from Anchorage.  We drove 23 hours and rode a ferry for two and a half days!  Each morning we had a devotion and breakfast then did outreach handing out 500 fliers a day.  The entire trip we passed out 5,000 fliers! We told many people about God and prayed for all that we could. We had a family fun day carnival and played sports and had picnics with the local young people.  Though we were exhausted when we left, we so desired to stay and see the harvest that the Lord would bring to that area of Alaska.  Our exhaustion didn’t match the fulfillment we felt knowing that we had made a difference. On our journey back, we stopped and had services with 2 of the churches in Juneau.  We were excited to bring along a friend we had met on the ferry visiting from France!

For the Kenai Peninsula trip, we visited each town on the Peninsula passing out fliers, doing flash mops, praying for people and talking to as many as we could about God. We were over the worship services and signing ministry.  We held concerts and passed out Bibles and thousands of fliers.  These trips are life altering.  We now have no problem whatsoever witnessing to friends, waitresses/waiters, and our teachers.  Putting people first is what these mission trips are all about and that has become a part of our daily life.  It is so exciting and fulfilling to receive reports of church growth in the areas where you have labored, knowing that you had a small part in it. We are very thankful we live here in Alaska and have the opportunity to participate in Summer Mission Trips.